I sip my whiskey sour and listen to Living Hour

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Living Hour – Seagull

Winnipeg had always been an evocative place name for me as a child. After watching “Around The World in 80 Days” I plotted my own trajectories across the globe, and there was something so beautiful about the name Winnipeg that it was on every route. I didn’t know much (or anything) about it to be honest. There was no internet in the early seventies and my mum had been buying a set of encyclopedias for us on subscription but money got too tight to mention around the “U” volume so we never did get V, W, X Y or Z. Imagine my surprise when I saw a Zebra for the first time.

Anyway, the redolent memories were awoken once again when Em Todd on Twitter pointed me in the direction of Winnipeg’s Living Hour and their beautiful song “Seagull” (Lefse Records). It was love at first…

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