“The World’s Largest Safety Song” – “Safety Crew Is Coming To Town” @allthisscience

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The video above is just for added fun! It’s not part of the song!

The World’s Largest Safety Song

Completely Free! No mess! No fuss!

Email me a verse or two that you have created for the world’s largest safety song “Safety Crew is Coming to Town”. I will append them to the verses I have already written and my high school choir will record the song in Winter 2018. (You can also listen to me warbling the 7 preliminary verses on my podcast “All This Science” https://www.spreaker.com/show/all-this-science (episode 18)

My email address is allthisscience@gmail.com. You can also tweet me the verses at @allthisscience or facebook message me at http://www.facebook.com/allthisscience

Your verses can be about any safety aspect you want – safety in the lab, on the road, in food production, the factory, the home, etc.

Here are the verses so far (December  2017)

Safety Crew is Coming to Town (to…

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