Living Hour – Softer Faces [Review]

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Been meaning to review this wonderful album that was released on March 1, 2019.
It is the Winnipeg’s Living Hour.
Softer Faces which is their sophomore release is out on the cool hip label Kanine Records.
The album is a blend of dream/psychedelic pop, shoegaze music.
The first time listening to Bottom Step, it bought of alot of emotions like be in a dreamy warm like state and weepy with Sam Sarty’s vocals when she sings about not having the courage to talk to that person in the party.
The whole album is filled with unrequited love and trying not to be alone in these hormonal teenage times.
Can’t think of a band that uses a trombone and trumpet and make it sounds so beautiful and haunting.
They are Canada’s answer to Beach House.
One of my favourite albums of 2019 to listen to while you are lying…

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